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Why are motor vehicle accident deaths rising again?

In 1963, the number of people that died in the United States because of car accidents surpassed 40,000 for the first time ever. It stayed above 40,000 every year from then until 1992, when it barely dipped below 40,000 (to 39,250), before immediately going back above 40,000 deaths every year again until 2008. Since 2008, it has remained below 40,000 deaths per year.

There were numerous spans over these decades where motor vehicle fatalities were well into the 50,000-death range. And yet in the last decade, the number of deaths in motor vehicle accidents have usually resided in the low 30,000s. This is a tremendous accomplishment.

Third degree burns: A very difficult injury to cope with

Many different accidents can lead to catastrophic burns. Motor vehicle accidents, including those on motorcycles or involving semitrucks, can lead to burns that cause permanent disfigurement.

Burns are categorized by degrees. A third degree burn is one of the most serious. This injury is called a full thickness burn because it destroys not only the top layer of the skin, but the layer beneath it.

Answers lacking after truck swerves, hits other car

The truck accident in our source article today didn't happen in Kansas City. Regardless, the situation has relevance no matter where you live. The crash happened in Pennsylvania, where a truck and a car collided head on after the truck rounded a curve in the road.

The car was being driven by a 21-year-old man traveling in the westbound lanes of the road. As the truck, driving eastbound, rounded the curve it somehow lost control and swerved into the westbound lanes. The collision killed the 21-year-old, and the authorities are investigating the crash. The truck driver survived the crash and was not injured. Little else is known about the crash at this time.

Why are bike and pedestrian deaths up when the rest are down?

Did you know that even though total traffic fatalities in the United States declined by 18 percent from 2006 to 2015, pedestrians fatalities and bicyclist fatalities both increased during the same time? That's a jarring statistic that makes it clear that while much is being done to improve road safety overall, it is almost entirely focused on the safety of drivers and passengers in cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles.

Pedestrian deaths increased from 4,795 in 2006 to 5,376 in 2015. That's a 12 percent increase. When you look at the injury numbers, they aren't any better. In 2006, about 61,000 pedestrians were injured, while in 2015 about 70,000 pedestrians were injured. That marks a nearly 15 percent increase in pedestrian injuries.

Did I suffer a concussion?

When most people hear the words traumatic brain injury, they think of a debilitating medical condition that leaves the victim severely disabled. However, did you know that a concussion is also a form of traumatic brain injury?

Concussions can come with long-term side effects and they can be disabling, especially when the accident victim has had multiple concussions in the past. Concussions are also one of the most common kinds of car accident injuries. If you've been diagnosed with a concussion by your doctor, you might want to keep reading so you can understand more about the nature of this condition.

Wrong way driver causes fatal wreck in Kansas City

A fatal accident on Highway 71 in Kansas City, Missouri left the highway closed for a couple of hours as the police investigated and cleared the scene. Unfortunately few details are available for this accident. What we do know is that one of the vehicles drove down Highway 71 the wrong way. There is no information about the other people involved in the crash, let alone what the police are thinking ultimately led to the driver operating his or her vehicle the wrong way on a highway.

Given all of this, speculation is going to run rampant. For one thing, wrong way drivers often exhibit behaviors that are illegal (outside of the obvious fact that they are driving the wrong way). Usually these drivers are intoxicated, or are distracted in some way. Regardless of the ultimate reason, they are driving their vehicle in an unbelievably dangerous and negligent manner.

Fatal car accidents are on the rise in Kansas City

Kansas City officials are seeing a startling increase in fatal car accidents while the rest of the state of Missouri is experiencing a decline in fatal car accidents. The bizarre dichotomy of these statistics has left police officers in Kansas City scratching their heads. According to the data, 93 people have died in car accidents this year, marking a 37 percent increase over 2016. Meanwhile, the state of Missouri has seen a decrease of the fatal car accident rate by three percent.

So what is happening here? What is the explanation for the dramatic increase in fatal car accidents in one particular area of the state, while the rest of the state sees a decline?

NHTSA's drunk driving data is discouraging

Car accidents happen all the time, but one of the most infuriating things about them is just how many of these accidents happen due to negligence or recklessness. So many behaviors fall into this category. Drivers could be distracted by a phone call or a text. Drivers could be lost in thought or changing the radio station. Drivers could be operating their vehicle at an unsafe speed or swerving in and out of lanes.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly which behavior is the most appalling, because they are all incredibly dangerous and upsetting. But if there is one that will always be near the top of the list, it is certainly drunk driving.

Passenger vehicles often play a role in truck accidents

How many times have you driven through Kansas City and found yourself next to a semitruck? Probably more times than you are comfortable with. Riding near a large commercial truck, especially when the lanes are narrow or there is construction, can be incredibly nerve-wracking.

While it is often difficult to avoid sharing the road with a semitruck, there are things you can do to increase your safety. The first is understanding some of the common causes of truck accidents. If you know what these are, then you can be aware when they occur and take steps to avoid becoming involved in a collision.

Many issues to consider for victims after a car accident

Victims of car accidents can suffer from a wide variety of issues in the aftermath of the wreck. The obvious point that many people will think of is the physical pain. And this is undoubtedly true. People who get into car accidents can suffer a wide range of injuries and physical ailments in the days and months that follow a car accident.

Car accident victims can suffer horrible lacerations and abrasions. They can suffer broken bones, damage to muscles and critical organs, the loss of limbs, and other permanent conditions such as paralysis or brain damage. Traumatic brain injuries are also common, as are spinal and upper body injuries.

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