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Kansas City Elevator Accident Lawyer

Every day, millions of Americans use elevators to get to their home and office. The same can be said about escalators, though they are not as common in apartment complexes. Still, millions of people across the U.S. use escalators in office buildings, shopping malls, train stations, grocery stores, and other types of property.

We tend to take for granted that elevators and escalators will function smoothly, though everyone has heard about elevator and escalator accidents in the news at least once.

When an elevator or escalator malfunctions, the unsuspecting rider can suffer serious injuries. Luckily, with a Kansas City elevator and escalator injury attorney by your side, you can determine who is responsible for the malfunction because your lawyer will review how the elevator or escalator was installed, inspected, and maintained.

Why Do Elevator & Escalator Accidents Occur?

Elevators and escalators are responsible for an estimated 17,000 injuries per year, while about 30 Americans die in these accidents across the U.S.

Reasons why people get injured while using elevators and escalators vary, but more often than not, it can be linked to negligence or recklessness on the part of property owners or operators of these transportation devices.

Causes of elevator and escalator accidents include:

  • A manufacturing defect;
  • A design defect;
  • Improper installation;
  • Lack of warnings;
  • Inadequate inspection or lack thereof;
  • Improper maintenance;
  • Inadequate hiring or training of maintenance personnel;
  • Mechanical or electrical failure;
  • Abrupt stops or reversals;
  • Tripping hazards;
  • Wet or slippery surfaces;
  • Faulty wiring;
  • Inadequate or lack of fall protection; and
  • Missing or broken handrails.

Our skilled elevator and escalator injury lawyers at Peddicord & Townsend LLC will review your case to determine which party was at fault for your injury.

Types of Elevator and Escalator Accidents

Our lawyers have handled various types of elevator and escalator accidents, including:

  • Door entrapment;
  • Car entrapment;
  • Mis-leveling;
  • Sudden acceleration or deceleration;
  • Overspeed;
  • Defective parts and components;
  • Improper maintenance; and
  • Communication failure.

More often than not, improper installation or defects in escalators and elevators can be detected by timely and thorough inspection and must be remedied and repaired through servicing and maintenance.

Types of Legal Claims in Elevator and Escalator Accidents

More often than not, there are two types of legal claims that arise from elevator and escalator accidents: Premises liability and product liability.

If your Kansas City elevator and escalator injury lawyer investigates your case and determines that your accident occurred due to a design, manufacturing, or warning defect, you may have a valid product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of the elevator or escalator.

If the defect is found in one of its parts or components and the main manufacturer of the transportation device has nothing to do with the mistake, then you might be able to sue the designer or manufacturer of that specific part or component.

However, in many cases, elevators and escalators cause injuries when they are not properly inspected or maintained by the property owner and the maintenance personnel. In that case, your attorney can help you pursue a premises liability claim.

Both a product liability and premises liability claim can become complicated if you cannot determine which party violated a duty of care or struggle with collecting sufficient evidence to prove fault. In that case, you should get help from a personal injury lawyer to evaluate your case.

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