The Far-Reaching Effects Of Traumatic Brain Injuries

When your loved one has sustained a brain injury, the loss may be almost as significant as a death. Brain damage can cause massive changes on all levels. Your loved one's physical capabilities and mobility may be severely limited. His or her consciousness may be altered. What's more, the personality you knew and loved may no longer be present.

Brain injuries also take a tremendous financial toll. Between the hospitalizations, treatments, surgeries, rehabilitation and long-term care, the costs can easily exceed a million dollars — and that's not even taking into account the lost income of a victim who is no longer able to work.

Experienced Legal Guidance With Understanding And Compassion

At Peddicord & Townsend LLC, we understand the tragic effects of traumatic brain injuries. Our lawyers work with victims and their families to get the financial recovery necessary for a strong quality of life going forward.

Many of our clients in these cases are victims of auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, falls or other life-changing events. In addition to suffering serious head trauma, victims may also have broken bones, neck and back injuries, or other physical difficulties from the accident. Our attorneys work diligently to pursue compensation for the countless ways an accident impacts our clients' lives.

Make Informed Choices About Your Options

Our goal is to provide knowledgeable guidance so you can make informed decisions moving forward. For example, we can help you evaluate:

  • Your legal options for pursuing compensation
  • The approximate value of your claim
  • The negligent parties who may be accountable
  • Any insurance matters that may affect your claim
  • What to expect at each step in the process

Take the first step toward getting the help you deserve by calling 816-945-9337. You can also reach out to us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Based in Kansas City, we handle brain injury cases in Missouri and Kansas.

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