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Potential symptoms of a serious brain injury

Your morning commute almost turns deadly when another driver runs the red light and slams into you at nearly 60 miles per hour. You don't see it coming. You don't even remember it after the fact.

Fortunately for you, emergency crews get you out of the wreckage and rush you to the hospital. Medical professionals give you immediate care and extensive treatment. They save your life. You only remember bits and pieces of the process, but you know what they did for you.

Fall and winter safety tips for drivers

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer, while the temperature is dropping. For people who are going to take to the roads this fall and winter, staying safe is important. You still have to follow basic traffic safety laws. However, the weather adds another element of danger during these months.

Make sure that you always wear your seat belt and that children have appropriate safety seats. These can protect you in the event of a crash, so never think that they aren't important. On top of this, follow these safety tips:

  • Pack an emergency kit: This should include the basics that you will need if you break down or get into an accident. A flashlight, a shovel, an ice scraper, blankets, flares or warning devices, sand or kitty litter, and jumper cables are suitable for short trips. You should add water and food to the kit. Additionally, make sure that you have your phone and any necessary medications for all trips.
  • Give yourself time: Trying to rush when the roads are slick is a recipe for disaster. Instead of waiting until the last minute to head out the door, try to leave a little earlier. This allows you time to drive slowly while you pay close attention to what is going on around you.
  • Focus on the road: One thing that you must remember during the colder weather is that frost, ice and snow on the roads can lead to longer stopping times. Steering problems can also occur. There is a chance that you will skid when you stop. You should turn your car's steering wheel so that you move in the direction of the skid to help you regain control.
  • Plan for problems: Know what to do if you are ever stalled or stopped. If it is safe to do so, remain in your vehicle. This gives you an extra layer of protection between you and other vehicles in the area. Only start your car as needed to take the chill out of the air. Don't do anything that is going to run down the battery, such as shining the dome lights or playing the radio when the car isn't on. Additionally, make sure that you dig out the tailpipe so it isn't blocked by snow before you run the engine. A tailpipe that is covered in snow can cause deadly exhaust to back up into your vehicle.

What kinds of damages can I pursue in my car accident case?

Whether we like to admit it or not, we're all human and, therefore, we all have pressing financial responsibilities. However, when someone suffers serious injuries in an automobile collision, those financial responsibilities skyrocket into the stratosphere.

It's literally possible for someone to require millions of dollars worth of medical and surgical treatments after a vehicle collision. Although most car crashes do not cause that much damage, there are a wide variety of damages that an injurious car accident can cause.

Why aren't semitrucks being held to higher safety standards?

Semitruck crashes occur at an alarming rate. The most recent data regarding these wrecks indicates that in 2016, there were more than 4,300 people killed during that single year. It is easy to overlook the significance of these events because it is often a small number of fatalities per crash, so a look at a single accident doesn't provide much of a shock factor.

When you look at the annual death total for the entire country, things get a little more shocking. With more than 4,300 dead due to big crashes, you are looking at a number equivalent to having two fully loaded 737 airliners crashing twice a month without a single survivor.

Here's why a high-impact crash can cause serious injuries

Car crashes are a serious problem in America, and they lead to thousands of injuries every year. Many people die from the injuries they suffer as well. What exactly happens to the body during a crash that can cause such significant injuries?

The first aspect to consider is how a body moves in an impact. With kinetic energy and forces acting on the body, many injuries ranging from organ damage to broken bones can occur. Here's a little more on how a car crash can causes significant injury to the human body.

What is a pelvic fracture and how can it occur?

High-speed car crashes can be physically devastating. There are countless injuries that can occur, and some can be very serious. A pelvic fracture, for example, can range from minor to severe and even be life threatening. Even in the most minor cases, the victim is likely in for a lengthy road to recovery.

Pain in the pelvic region is one of the primary signs. If you have any pain in your pelvis or are having trouble bearing weight on your legs, you need to get emergency medical care as soon as possible. An evaluation, including x-rays, can help you to receive a diagnosis.

What happens when a person is hit by a delivery truck?

Delivery drivers can bring businesses and homes everything from pizza, to packages ordered online with free two-day shipping, to full suites of furniture. When these drivers are on the road, they're focus is on getting their cargo delivered as quickly as possible. And even though there may be an emphasis placed on the amount of time it takes drivers to reach their destinations, they must still ensure they aren't taking unsafe measures to make it there on time.

For people on the roads, there is a chance that the delivery trucks can be a hazard. If there is an accident with one of these vehicles, the injured victim might decide to seek compensation. There are several things to consider in these cases.

It is illegal for commercial truck drivers to text at the wheel

With the rise of smartphones and other mobile devices like tablets, more people are texting and driving then ever before. Studies about road safety make it pretty clear that any form of distraction while at the wheel can be deadly to everyone else and yourself.

When the person indulging in a distraction is a commercial truck driver, everyone else on the road assumes the vast majority of the risk. Missouri is one of a few states left that does not outlaw texting behind the wheel for adults.

Not all spinal cord injuries result in paralysis

Many people automatically associate spinal cord injuries with some degree of paralysis. This is sometimes the case with complete injuries but it isn't necessarily the case when the injury is incomplete. Understanding the difference in these two types of spinal injuries might be beneficial if you or someone close to you suffers this type of injury.

The main difference between the two is that a complete injury means there is no feeling or ability to move the body below the level of the injury. In an incomplete injury, there is some sensation or function below the place of injury on the spinal cord. Below is some important information if you are diagnosed with a spinal cord injury:

Distracted drivers are a danger to everyone on the road

Have you ever noticed a car drifting over the center lane and then spied that the driver was on the phone? Almost all drivers can truthfully say this has happened to them. This shows how prevalent distracted driving is in this country. Unfortunately, each driver who does this is putting everyone else on the road in danger of suffering an injury or even dying.

There are many reasons why distracted driving is so dangerous. Many risks stem from the fact that the driver's attention isn't on the road and one's physical abilities aren't focused on driving.

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