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Here's why a high-impact crash can cause serious injuries

Car crashes are a serious problem in America, and they lead to thousands of injuries every year. Many people die from the injuries they suffer as well. What exactly happens to the body during a crash that can cause such significant injuries?

The first aspect to consider is how a body moves in an impact. With kinetic energy and forces acting on the body, many injuries ranging from organ damage to broken bones can occur. Here's a little more on how a car crash can causes significant injury to the human body.

What is a pelvic fracture and how can it occur?

High-speed car crashes can be physically devastating. There are countless injuries that can occur, and some can be very serious. A pelvic fracture, for example, can range from minor to severe and even be life threatening. Even in the most minor cases, the victim is likely in for a lengthy road to recovery.

Pain in the pelvic region is one of the primary signs. If you have any pain in your pelvis or are having trouble bearing weight on your legs, you need to get emergency medical care as soon as possible. An evaluation, including x-rays, can help you to receive a diagnosis.

What happens when a person is hit by a delivery truck?

Delivery drivers can bring businesses and homes everything from pizza, to packages ordered online with free two-day shipping, to full suites of furniture. When these drivers are on the road, they're focus is on getting their cargo delivered as quickly as possible. And even though there may be an emphasis placed on the amount of time it takes drivers to reach their destinations, they must still ensure they aren't taking unsafe measures to make it there on time.

For people on the roads, there is a chance that the delivery trucks can be a hazard. If there is an accident with one of these vehicles, the injured victim might decide to seek compensation. There are several things to consider in these cases.

It is illegal for commercial truck drivers to text at the wheel

With the rise of smartphones and other mobile devices like tablets, more people are texting and driving then ever before. Studies about road safety make it pretty clear that any form of distraction while at the wheel can be deadly to everyone else and yourself.

When the person indulging in a distraction is a commercial truck driver, everyone else on the road assumes the vast majority of the risk. Missouri is one of a few states left that does not outlaw texting behind the wheel for adults.

Not all spinal cord injuries result in paralysis

Many people automatically associate spinal cord injuries with some degree of paralysis. This is sometimes the case with complete injuries but it isn't necessarily the case when the injury is incomplete. Understanding the difference in these two types of spinal injuries might be beneficial if you or someone close to you suffers this type of injury.

The main difference between the two is that a complete injury means there is no feeling or ability to move the body below the level of the injury. In an incomplete injury, there is some sensation or function below the place of injury on the spinal cord. Below is some important information if you are diagnosed with a spinal cord injury:

Distracted drivers are a danger to everyone on the road

Have you ever noticed a car drifting over the center lane and then spied that the driver was on the phone? Almost all drivers can truthfully say this has happened to them. This shows how prevalent distracted driving is in this country. Unfortunately, each driver who does this is putting everyone else on the road in danger of suffering an injury or even dying.

There are many reasons why distracted driving is so dangerous. Many risks stem from the fact that the driver's attention isn't on the road and one's physical abilities aren't focused on driving.

What happens when you get hurt by an uninsured driver?

There are a lot of things to worry about in the immediate wake of a motor vehicle collision. You may have serious injuries that require trauma care, surgery and rehabilitation. You likely also need to arrange for repairs to or a replacement for your vehicle. Chances are good that those with injuries will probably miss some work, which can cause financial strain. Trying to handle all of these issues at once can prove to be overwhelming.

The expenses typically mount quickly in the wake of a serious collision. You may not have the resources available to cover all of those expenses without being able to work. In this scenario, you may turn to your insurance company for help and financial support. However, in some cases, you may find yourself without the coverage you need to offset the costs from a crash.

Impaired driving can injure or kill innocent people

Impaired driving can be deadly to the driver, as well as to innocent people who are around them. This is why Missouri has strict laws against this. Everyone who is driving should make sure that they are in a good condition to do so because there is a chance for criminal charges if a driver caught driving while impaired.

There are many points about impaired driving that anyone who is heading out for some fun with friends needs to remember.

Taking care of an injured family member can be taxing

Taking care of a loved one who was injured in an accident isn't easy. When the accident first happens, it might seem like the care will be manageable. As time wears on, you may start to suffer from caregiver burnout. This is due to the stress of always having to be the strong one.

The duties that caregivers handle are physically demanding. Often, you will have long hours of caretaking duties with your loved one. This might be on top of a regular work schedule if you are able to work at all. Here are some tips for handling caregiver duties while minimizing stress.

A broken bone from a car crash could result in serious disability

When you get into a major collision in a motor vehicle, whether it's with another passenger vehicle or a commercial truck, you may feel lucky if your injuries only amount to broken bones. Common injuries from these sorts of events can include traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries that can change your level of mobility, your personality and your life. In comparison, a broken bone probably seems like a minor issue that is readily treatable.

For most people who suffer broken bones, that is true. After receiving trauma care and having the bone set, patients typically heal over time. Once the cast is removed, physical therapy can help improve strength and range of motion to levels similar to those before the fracture. For some people, however, broken bones can end up causing a serious, permanent condition that can leave them in pain and unable to work.

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