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April 2017 Archives

Concerns raised over car accidents involving guardrails

Concerns are being raised in several states over the safety issues linked to highway guardrails. One man, a sales engineer who was just traveling through the state, was killed in Missouri when his pickup truck left the road on I-70 and rammed into the end of a guardrail. The guardrail was outfitted with a special end that was originally designed to cushion the damage caused during these types of car accidents; however, according to recent reports, these types of safety ends do no seem to be working as planned.

What should I know about a brain injury after a car crash?

Car crashes can wreak havoc on the body. The more violent the crash, the more serious the injuries are in most cases. One injury that is especially troubling -- and often left undiagnosed in the period immediately following a car accident -- is a traumatic brain injury.

Are Missouri drunk driving car accidents preventable?

By definition, an accident is an unintentional and unexpected occurrence. Are car accidents still accidents if the ensuing tragedies could potentially have been avoided had the person responsible not carelessly decided to get behind the wheel of a car while drunk? One such example occurred only recently in Missouri when a man's alleged drunk driving apparently caused in the death of an unborn baby in the resultant car wreck.

What to do immediately after a motor vehicle accident

As the saying goes, accidents happen. When it comes to motor vehicle accidents, however, many of them are avoidable. Sometimes, crashes are caused by distracted drivers who are texting, reading, taking on the phone or even applying makeup while driving.

Three keys to safety for motorcycle riders

There is something about riding a motorcycle that never gets old. Perhaps it is the adrenaline rush that comes with the quick acceleration, the ability to quickly weave through traffic, and to hug turns at high speeds. Given the width of our roads, riding motorcycles in Kansas City can be thrilling. However, riding motorcycles comes with certain dangers, and everyone who loves being on a bike should be aware of them.

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