Can A Truck's Cargo Lead To Legal Liability?
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Can a truck’s cargo lead to legal liability?

May 4, 2017 Peddicord & Townsend LLC Truck Accident

Tractor trailers and large commercial trucks travel through Kansas City all the time, and they are all over the roads across our nation. At any given moment, there are tens of thousands of these trucks driving near smaller vehicles that carry families, loved ones, friends and innocent people. When these trucks are involved in an accident, it is likely that serious injuries will occur due to their large, powerful nature.

But this is the typical way we tend to think about truck accidents. We picture a truck colliding with other cars, and we think it was due to negligence or recklessness. However, those aren’t the only two factors to consider. Sometimes the cargo of a truck can directly or indirectly cause an accident.

The cargo of a truck can cause problems for the truck driver. If the cargo is improperly loaded, it can make the vehicle unstable and susceptible to tipping over on turns. If the cargo is too heavy or there’s an improper amount of cargo, the truck may have difficulty stopping on time or adjust to rapid changes in traffic. If the cargo is hazardous, it can cause serious problems if it spills onto the road. If the cargo isn’t properly secured, then it can jostle during the trip and potentially fall into or onto other vehicles.

Cargo can play a pivotal role in terms of liability for an accident. If you have been injured in a truck accident, then it behooves you to consult with a Kansas City truck accident attorney to have the entire incident thoroughly investigated.

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