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Town's streetlight timing change eliminates pedestrian accidents

When the topic of pedestrian accidents comes up, many people consider some of the same possibilities. First, drivers should pay more attention to pedestrians when they approach intersections. Second, pedestrians should look up from their cellphones when they approach an intersection, and they shouldn't jaywalk. And third, crosswalks should be clearly defined and, possibly, made bigger so that everyone can travel safely.

Legal help after a car crash occurs

Imagine that you're driving down the road, and up ahead you see a car in your lane that is swerving. The ultimate cause of that swerving could be anything -- maybe the driver is looking at his or her cellphone, or perhaps the driver consumed alcohol or used some illegal substance. Whatever the reason, they are out of control, and they cause an accident in which you are ultimately involved.

Burn injuries in car crashes can be extremely serious

Car crashes can sometimes lead to the car catching on fire. When this occurs, there is a chance that people in the area, including the car's occupants, can suffer from burns. While first degree burns are superficial and painful, they usually heal pretty quickly and without intervention. This isn't the case for other types of burns.

Pedestrian deaths, injuries are on the rise according to NHTSA

Injuries that are suffered in motor vehicle accidents can range from minor to fatal. In between, there is a wide variety of injuries that can be suffered that could leave someone with a trip to the hospital, an extended stay in the intensive care unit, or deal the victim a catastrophic blow that changes their life forever. Unfortunately, serious injuries are an all-too-common occurrence with motor vehicle accidents -- and it is even more of a problem for pedestrians who get tangled up in these wrecks.

Class action claims 2 Tesla models suddenly brake in ice or snow

The owner of a Tesla Model X claims he lost control of his car after slowing down for icy conditions on a curve. The so-called "regenerative" braking system on the car did kick in, he said, but it failed to coast -- it continued to brake. The sudden breaking sent him spinning off the road and down a mountainside, where he crashed through branches and into trees. He was left stranded in the crashed car for over an hour.

Traumatic amputations can significantly impact your life

If you think about all of the things you do on a daily basis, you may realize that you probably take your arms and legs for granted. Now, think about what changes you would have to make if something happens and you lose an arm, a leg, a hand or a foot. The chances are good that you will have to make considerable changes.

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