Burn Injuries In Car Crashes Can Be Extremely Serious
Car crashes can sometimes lead to the car catching on fire. Seeking compensation could help you recover some of these lost wages. Contact a Kansas City car accident attorney at Peddicord & Townsend LLC today.
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Burn injuries in car crashes can be extremely serious

Jul 17, 2017 Peddicord & Townsend LLC Car Accident

Car crashes can sometimes lead to the car catching on fire. When this occurs, there is a chance that people in the area, including the car’s occupants, can suffer from burns. While first degree burns are superficial and painful, they usually heal pretty quickly and without intervention. This isn’t the case for other types of burns.

Burns are divided into four degrees, or levels, with each degree being worse than the previous. Understanding how burns are classified and other information about them can help as you or a loved one tries to heal from these horrible injuries after a car crash.

The 4 degrees of burns

  • A first degree burn impacts the outer layer of skin. The affected area will turn red, but it doesn’t blister. Most sunburns are first degree burns.
  • A second degree burn goes a little deeper into the tissues. The skin will thicken and blisters might form in the affected area. These burns are painful.
  • A third degree burnis much more serious. Because of the depth of the burn, nerve endings are destroyed. This means that the person might not feel pain at the area of the burn. The area will appear discolored, dry and leathery, and the area might be swollen. These burns won’t heal properly without medical attention.
  • A fourth degree burn is deeper than a third degree burn. Tendons and bones might be affected.

Treating burns

When a burn is serious, medical attention is required. This is especially true if the burn is covering a larger area of the body. For third and fourth degree burns, treatment at a burn center may be necessary. Bandaging the wound, having skin grafts and getting antibiotic therapy to stave off infections could be required. Some patients may need nutritional support, pain medication and other therapies.

Disfigurement is possible

Severe burns are sometimes associated with disfigurement. This can be life changing, especially if the burns occur on the face. It is sometimes possible for plastic surgeons to reduce the disfigurement, but preventing it usually isn’t possible.

A person who has to go to a burn center or needs to be hospitalized will likely have to take time off of work. If a child is injured, a parent will likely have to take time off of work to care for the child. As you can imagine, the loss of income can be financially devastating. Seeking compensation could help you recover some of these lost wages.

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