Challenges For Semi-truck Safety Before And During A Haul
If you are a victim of semi-truck crash and opt to seek compensation for the wreck, call our Kansas City truck accident attorney to determine the cause of the wreck can help you to figure out whom to hold liable.
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Challenges for semitruck safety before and during a haul

Mar 7, 2019 Peddicord & Townsend LLC Truck Accident

All drivers on the roads want to make it to their destinations safely. The issue that sometimes comes up is that your safety partially depends on others who are also driving. If you are on the interstate or city streets where semitrucks travel, you need to know some of the common safety concerns that these large vehicles face. This knowledge can help if you do end up in a crash with one.

There are many factors that can contribute to a semitruck crash. Some are relevant before the trucker ever gets behind the wheel of the rig. Others are external issues that indirectly impact the trucker but make safety a challenge.

Factors before the haul

Before a trucker even hooks up for a load, there are things that can go wrong. If the trailer isn’t loaded properly and the cargo isn’t secured appropriately, there is the chance for a crash. The maintenance and upkeep for the truck and the trailer are also factors that lead to a wreck. Any components that aren’t installed correctly can lead to trouble. The same is true if there are defective components that aren’t performing safely.

Trucker actions during the haul

Once the trucker begins the haul, they need to drive safely. They must be well rested and ready to drive. Factors like distractions, fatigue and impairment can negatively impact safety of everyone on the road. These can often sneak up on a trucker because they might feel like they are driving safely, but are actually suffering from highway hypnosis, which can cause them to lose focus on where the truck is going.

All drivers should be prepared to react appropriately when they are on the road. This means knowing the traffic laws and following them. Speeding, failing to signal, and not obeying traffic signs and signals can all lead to wrecks.

External factors that impact safety

Many of the things that can lead to crashes are external. These include things like the trucker having to rush because they are on such a tight deadline or having to push through fatigue because they still have allowable driving hours remaining. Trucking companies might be responsible for some of these factors. Even other drivers on the road can lead to a wreck if they aren’t respecting the space a trucker needs to maneuver properly.

Victims of semitruck crashes may opt to seek compensation for the wreck. Determining the cause of the wreck can help them to figure out whom to hold liable.

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