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Client Testimonials

At Peddicord & Townsend LLC, our top priority is you. Yes, we are knowledgeable, experienced and committed, but first and foremost we are dedicated to upholding the rights of injury victims and their loved ones. We provide a strong voice for victims of injustice.

Our clients truly appreciate the work we do for them. Here, in their own words, are some of the kind sentiments they’ve shared with us regarding their experiences.

“I approached Peddicord & Townsend with a very difficult case. After a week of trial, the best closing arguments came from this law firm. I was very pleased with the result and thank Peddicord & Townsend for their hard work on my case.”

“Mr. Townsend handled a case for me that involved a past client that was not happy with my company’s services. The case could have been very costly for myself and my company. Mr. Townsend’s knowledge of the law and his power to negotiate helped put me into a position that saved my company thousands of dollars. He is hardworking and extremely knowledgeable on the law. It was great to have Mike in my corner during this fight.”

“I sincerely thank Peddicord & Townsend for helping me in my personal injury case. Peddicord & Townsend took on my case when no one else would. They were always upfront with me that my case would be difficult and I appreciated their honesty through the entire process. I can now say that a weight was lifted up off my shoulders. Put it this way, I can finally get a good night’s rest knowing that all the bills are paid. I thank Peddicord & Townsend for taking the time to listen to my problems with the benefit of a doubt and not judging me. Their skillful negotiation has helped me through a very difficult period of my life.”

“I had a unique case because a tree on someone’s property fell on my vehicle as I was driving down the road and was receiving pushback from the homeowners. The first time reaching out to the Peddicord & Townsend law firm for a consultation, Mr. Townsend answered the phone before the office was even open. He was so helpful from that very first phone call that I knew this was the law firm I wanted to use. Peddicord & Townsend took on my case without hesitation and was very helpful throughout the process. The entire staff was very friendly and professional to work with. They returned my calls within 24 hours and always kept me up-to-date on the case and what was happening with each step. They reached out to all of the agencies on my behalf, so it was a stress-free process for me and my family. They were very diligent in the handling of my case and gave me all of the information needed to make informed decisions along the way. I was only hoping to replace my vehicle in this matter but the result was beyond my expectation and the settlement was more than fair. They treated me like a friend and I am so happy to have chosen them to represent and fight for me to get what I deserved.”

“I hired Peddicord & Townsend to help with my personal injury case. They helped make sure that I received the absolute best compensation for my injuries. They were always there to answer my questions. They probably had a harder time getting ahold of me than I had getting ahold of them.”

For thoughtful, effective injury representation, call Peddicord & Townsend LLC in Kansas City at 816-842-3200.

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